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{ About us }

Buy Home - Mediação Imobiliária, Lda
License Number:6433


The Buy Home Ltd. its imobili ria! 


Knowing how demanding, how much appreciates the transpar ncia and honesty in neg cios and accuracy and compet ncia that demand, cri mos Buy a Home. 

For Buy Home answered a team young, din mica and entrepreneurship that seeks to be distinguished in the world imobili river by its quality. 

We are located in the village of Quinta do Conde, an area which responds with quality of life to the frenzy of large cities and major housing clusters. Come visit us in the Rua D. Sebasti 2048A the lot and find the hills, beaches and the sea that ultimately the huma t the close. 

But if your needs and prefer references stay free of pass through our town, stay free of stop contact us preference as a philosophy of growth that s possvel with partnerships with the best commercial market. 


Thus, marking the diferen a, we pomo him stay free of s to buy a house but to achieve a dream! 

At brief 

Team Buy Home

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